Track Of The Week #35 – St.Germain – Sure Thing

Described a being a “conscientious producer with an ear for detail”, St Germain is a musician famous for his unprecedented and unique contribution to both the house and jazz scene. Known to be a purveyor and creator of the sub-genre ‘French touch’, the producer has been creating some of the most mindblowing-ly niche and distinctive music to grace our ears over the past two decades. His phenomenal contribution to House, Jazz and even Acid-Jazz has gone quite frankly unparalleled in my opinion and he deserves every ounce of credit he gets. For all that know of, and are familiar with the works of St.Germain, they will vouch that he is not simply a producer, but more so a virtuoso, a pioneer, a revolutionary. Never before has anyone ever quite captured the Parisian sound like he has; because that’s exactly what he is, a Parisian artiste with the ability to envisage and sculpt the sound of the city, the beat of the street. St.Germain is the cosmopolitan king, the French fanatic, the municpal mingler. His sound represents the everyday city life, from Monday morning’s first fresh espresso to Sunday evening’s late night hazy scotch, St Germain has you covered. His ability is as limitless as his sound but yet, his style is something so unique and altogether special, that it really does take the listener’s breath away. His style of creating amazing electronic music with live instrument playing side by side has earned him a limitless reputation.


His first release ‘Boulevard’ was back in 1995 and really kickstarted his career as it proved to be a huge success. It was then followed up five years later by the phenomenal album ‘Tourist’ which was released on the largest and most respected Jazz label of all time, Blue Note. This is the same record label that Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Herbie Hancock were all signed to, just to put things into perspective. This week’s track of the week ‘Sure Thing’ is just one of many spellbinding tracks off the album and is just as addictive as the next. However, I feel the reason it caught my attention is down to it’s alluring and hooking groove. I briefly touched before on how St.Germain works with live musicians over his beats to create that perfect sound, well this song in particular features a very special guest. John Lee Hooker, arguably one of the most famous and prominent Blues musicians of all time features on this mellow and lethargic number. Together the two concoct a soulful and melancholic sound like no other. With St.Germain’s masterful use of delay combined with the sheer wizardry of John Lee Hooker’s voice and the twangs of his guitar, the duo prove to be any music lover’s dream combination. The song is as absorbing as it is bewildering. It perfectly encapsulates the late night city feel, the feel of cruising and floating through the hustle and bustle of downtown madness, absolutely care free and wrapped in a blanket of breezy and jovial satisfaction.

‘Sure Thing’ is a relaxing and mesmerising trip that I urge you to get lost in. I’ve had it on repeat for the past week and have no intention of letting up soon. Give it a listen and you’ll see why. Considering as the song was recorded over fifteen years ago just proves how the work of the French lounge and Jazz pioneer is as timeless as it gets. ‘Sure Thing’ is the dream you don’t ever want to end.

Listen & enjoy here –


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