Track Of The Week #34 – Xavier Omar ‘Blind Man’

A scientific compound can best be described as a product composed of various elements. It’s musical equivalent? Look no further than American R&B sound-sponge, Xavier Omar. The Texas based singer-songwriter has had a life of influential excursion, picking up skills and soaking up inspiration every step of the way. Born to a military, yet religious, family, Omar spent his childhood hopping from city to city with his eclectic family with their rich musical vein. After embracing Funk in Washington, Trap in Georgia and Christian Hip-hop in what is now his hometown of San Antonio, it is fair to say that the singer has certainly tested the water and developed his palette into something rather exquisite. Drawing influence from this plethora of knowledge has ensured that Omar’s final product is something to take very seriously. His sound was first noticed by the Red Bull artist development program which saw him landing gigs alongside Alunageorge and Steve A Clarks. Since bursting onto the scene, the somewhat shy and reclusive singer has gone on to develop a reputation for himself as a compassionate and amiable vocalist with most of his lyrics preaching positivity and equality. Like most R&B singers, it is not just his lyricism which earns him his brownie points; his voice is quite simply something out of this world, never mind the sheer magnitude of the production.


Being a relatively new artist, his discography is comparatively small. It also doesn’t help by the fact that he produced majority of his music to date under the alias SPZRKT (pronounced spazzy rocket) as his releases now lie in all different sorts of places. The past two years have seen a handful of releases and collaborations with Sango, the most notable being the ‘Hours Spent Loving You’ EP. I’d have to say his major solo release under Xavier Omar is the album ‘The Everlasting Wave’, a blissfully melancholic yet euphoric record containing a broad spectrum of deeply emotive soul and R&B music. This week’s track of the week ‘Blind Man’ is a perfect example of that type of harmony. The song burst onto the new-looking R&B scene last year and has really struck a chord with fans inside and out of the genre. From the off our ears are met by a dulcet and honey glazed instrumental and before we even have time to comprehend it’s glory, the voice of Omar hits you like a thick fug of soul-filled smoke. Chopping and changing, dipping and dropping, his voice plays games with the listeners ears and takes you on a twenty-first century R&B trip like no other. His vocal ability is clearly an end product of his time spent exploring and soaking up other sounds and influences.

Xavier Omar, or SPZRKT to some, is clearly a talented, talented singer which I feel that we can expect a lot more from. Considering R&B is having a mini-renaissance period at the moment with singers like Frank Ocean, Sampha and The Internet all killing it right now, I don’t see any reasoning as to why he shouldn’t blow up.

Listen & enjoy here –


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