Track Of The Week #33 – Lenzman Ft IAMDDB ‘In My Mind’

This week’s track of the week derives from the dutch drum and bass maestro, Lenzman. Throughout his illustrious career, the Dj and producer has been gliding through the genre with style and finesse, creating some of the most impressing and well sampled sounds that are around today. His vast depth and knowledge of sampling, hooks and his ability to fuse and warm other genres into the realm of drum and bass puts him among the best of the best, the elite realm of producers. This internationally renowned willingness to embrace has brought a plethora of eclectic musicians pouring in his direction. It is not just artists that he experiments with either, Lenzman has been signed to a variety labels over past years, with the most notable and refuted being the legendary Metalheadz. Now with his own label ‘The North Quarter’, Lenzman isn’t showing any signs of slowing down as the proficient producer is still striding through the genre with considerable momentum.


One of my favourite of Lenzman collaborations and, an artist turning all the heads right now is Manchester’s very own Neo-Soul and Urban Jazz prodigy, IAMDDB. The twenty one year old singer only burst onto the scene last year, but her unprecedented vocals and eye-catching swag ensured a prompt and explosive entrance. With one of her tracks ‘Leaned Out’ already eclipsing a million views, the Mancunian starlet looks to be set on a big, big wave which is quickly moving from coast to coast.  Their impeccable collab goes by the name of ‘In My Mind’ was released on The North Quarter records earlier this year. The crisp and clean number comes as one of the singles to feature on Lenzman’s ‘Earth Tones EP’, a four track release featuring some of the neatest and freshest liquid drum and bass i have heard for a long time. As great as the other tracks may be, the standout track is simply ‘In My Mind’. It is not purely down to the addition of the vocals which stand this record which much greater recognition than its counterparts, but more-so the synergy between singer and producer. Each one seems to have a great understanding of the other and together, they are able to create a sound which quite simply leaves the listener with a breathtaking final product. Lenzman’s robust and bouncy rhythm is graced with the mellifluous melodies of IAMDBB to create a sound which really boasts and showcases both artists capabilities.

With Lenzman already a proven name on the scene, draw your focus to the unbelievable talent and capabilities of IAMDDB. Never mind one for the future, she’s tearing it up right now and the only direction I can see her going now, is up.

Listen & enjoy here –


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