Track Of The Week #32 – BADBADNOTGOOD ‘In Your Eyes’

BADBADNOTGOOD are a special, special band. Coming fresh out of Toronto, Canada, the group are a fine modern day quartet who have been making a solid name for themselves in the world of experimental hip-hop and jazz. Their completely unique approach to soul, jazz and hip-hop combined with their unparalleled production value ensures that BADBADNOTGOOD are redefining the way we perceive the modern day ensemble and twenty-first century jazz music. Since they appeared on the scene back in 2010, the group have gone on to work with some of the biggest names in game. Such names include that of Ghostface Killah, Tyler The Creator and Frank Ocean. The group have also gone on to cover the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Kanye West and James Blake. Over the past seven years BADBADNOTGOOD have managed to build up a substantial discography with a nice collection of albums, the most notable being ‘IV’ and ‘Sour Soul’ which was composed together with prominent Wu-Tang Clan member, Ghostface Killah.


As undeniably majestic as ‘Sour Soul’ is, this week’s track of the week was plucked from the group’s latest album ‘IV’. Like the band itself, ‘In Your Eyes’ is a special, special track. The song is a cool, soulful and meticulously composed number. Assembled like an ancient Roman mosaic, ‘In Your Eyes’ chimes the aural taste buds with seamless composure and grace. If the music alone isn’t enough, jaw-dropping vocals are provided by R&B singer and fellow Torontonian, Charlotte Day-Wilson. She graces the song with elegance and composure as she skims over the piece like a stone on water. I’m not the first to think this either, Colin Robinson of Stereogum states how “Wilson’s beautiful voice glides over soulful, retro bass, craftily syncopated drums, and soft orchestral flights”. Although my imagery isn’t quite that explicit, there’s no denying that it’s certified hit and it deserves all the credit it gets. Wilson’s vocals transform the song from a calm, sweet-sounding and mellifluous piece of work into a groovy, kitted out love song that descends into a thick fog of soul and nostalgia. The best thing about this track however, is how it invites you in to take a deep plunge into the pool of BADBADNOTGOOD. For this is not a one-off; if you give the album a good listen you will realise that the song is only one part of the puzzle. The album ‘IV’ offers a plethora of profoundly immersive musical talent that you’ll struggle to find by looking elsewhere.

So invest, gorge and bask in the glory of BADBADNOTGOOD with this taster. ‘In Your Eyes’ is just the song you need to whet your appetite for that good, summer soul food music.

Listen & enjoy here –



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