Track Of The Week #17 – Finley Quaye ‘Even After All’

There’s smooth, and then there’s Finley Quaye smooth. For anyone growing up in nineties Britain, there’s a good chance that the mellow and soulful singer’s voice played some part of your childhood summer soundtrack. Quaye’s music floated in and around households like a warm breeze; however, like the British summer, Quaye’s presence was short-lived as only one of his albums was only really able to pick up any momentum. The Edinburgh-born singer won the the MOBO for best reggae act and the BRIT award for the best male solo artist, an impressive haul for any artist. His fusion of funk and reggae ensured that he delivered a sound which was unique for the UK, even in the nineties. Quaye’s life unfortunately spiraled out of control after his success. Violence, substance abuse and bankruptcy all crept into Quaye’s life. The singer’s career is now marred by countless reports of violent outbursts and drunken altercations. His music, although impressive and unique, acts as a potential reminder of what could have been for one of the best singers to come out of the UK.


Contrary to the image Finley Quaye has now developed for himself, ‘Even after all’ offers a soothing, blissful and melodic insight into the more docile side of the nutter in question. The song immediately warms the ears with soothing guitar reverb that carries you into a sweet, summer daze. For me personally, the song carries an extra special air of nostalgia as it played a big part in my early summers as a child. However; this sense of enjoyment is not exclusive to myself as the song carries warm and soulful charm which resonates with everybody. Quaye serenades the mesmerising composition with an amazing almost Nina Simone-like voice. The infusion of reggae and soul guarantees success in this case as we see a melting pot of vocal and instrumental ability create a sweet, honey-glazed sound like no other. The song was released on Quaye’s first studio album ‘Maverik a Strike’ back in 1997 on 550 Music record label. The album went gold after three weeks and then went on to become certified multi platinum.

For me, ‘Even After All’ is Quaye’s greatest record to have ever been written. The song is the perfect start and end to everyday and goes down a treat with both the sun and the rain. It is for these reasons why ‘Even After All’ is my track of the week.

Listen & enjoy here –


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