Track Of The Week #16 – Massive Attack ‘Karmacoma’

Arguably one of the most talented musical groups to have ever emerged from the UK, Massive Attack have been shaping the British music scene for nearly twenty years now. The group have been labelled as one of the most interesting and experimental groups due to their stylistic versatility. Although being eclectic in every sense of the word, Massive Attack’s style loosely dwells around the genres of trip-hop and dub. This however, is something you would never catch any group member admitting to. They remain defiant that their music is unique and to categorise it would be to ‘pigeon-hole’ theĀ band. The Bristol based group consists primarily of four artists, each one playing the part in the meticulously complex sound which Massive Attack breathes and oozes. Since their burst onto the scene in 1988, the group have released five studio albums, sold eleven million albums world-wide and collected a staggering amount of awards and accolades along the way.


One might describe Massive Attack as being one of the most atmospheric sounding groups to ever have existed. Their psychedelic and adventurous sound proved a significant landmark for British music as we were able to claim ownership to these amazing sounds as coming from our very own shores. ‘Karmacoma’ is the perfect example; it is still hard to believe that the genuinely authentic sounding, bass-heavy, middle-eastern beat is a product of the Bristolian group. The beat carries a carries a thunderous drum beat, strung together by rare and unique middle-eastern samples. The ultimate adhesive in the song however is the perfectly laced lyricism. Thanks to Mc Tricky and 3D, the groups leading MCs, the song becomes the chilling spectacle that it is. This world-beater of a track was released in 1994 on the group’s second studio album ‘Protection’, and also on a self entitled EP consisting of mostly re-works and mixes of the hard-hitting single.

To this day, Massive Attack are recognised as one of the most iconic and influential groups in British musical history. Their brave and historic sound will forever be chiming through not only the houses and streets of Bristol, but the stereos of the world thanks to their ever-changing style and the way it was received. Alongside ‘Teardrop’ and ‘Unfinished Symphony’, ‘Karmacoma’ remains to be one of the groups most popular releases. It certainly isn’t hard to see why.

Listen & enjoy here –


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