Track Of The Week #8 – Deodato ‘September 13’

For any instrumental musician aiming to cultivate as much music as possible, looking to Eumir Deodato for inspiration might not be a bad start. Deodato is a world famous composer who dwells in anything from jazz and funk to latin and bossa-nova. Deodato has had an involvement in the production and arrangement of over five hundreds albums in his career. You heard that right, five hundred albums. Not to mention that fifteen of which reached platinum sales. His long spanning career and mind-blowing  musical mind are just some of the reasons why Deodato has made made music for the likes of Frank Sinatra, Kool & The Gang, Bjork and even Lupe Fiasco. He also won the 1974 Grammy award for the best pop instrumental with his song ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’, a funk remix of the theme from the 1968 film ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’.


The song in question however, is ‘September 13’. A funky and timeless classic off the same album ‘Prelude’. The album was Deodato’s eighth to be released in Brazil at the time. ‘September 13’ is the last song to feature on the LP but it is certainly not the least. ‘Prelude’ was once described as “One of the most overlooked albums of the seventies” due to its perplex grooves and depth in terms of talent. The album was released  the reputed New York Jazz record label, CTI, back in 1973. The song and album is meticulously composed by an accumulation of talented musicians that make up Deodato’s thirty-five man orchestra. One of the musicians just happens to be Ron Carter, the legendary bassist in Miles Davis’ jazz orchestra. ‘September 13’ showcases exactly why Carter went on to be the most in-demand session bass player of all time. The song reels you in from the beginning with a simple drum beat which then gives way to a rolling bassline. As the track progresses Deodato comes onboard with the keys. His ability to blend different melodies together is made apparent from the off as his keyboard builds to the crashing sound of horns. After the chorus, the track becomes more experimental and burns out in a Carlos Santana-esque manner.

Over the years ‘September 13’ went on to be sampled over twenty one different artists, some of those artists being Pete Rock, J Dilla and Camp Lo. The inventiveness and detail in Deodato’s production make the track the timeless funk classic that it is. It’s no surprise that the hooks, trumpets and basslines are so widely saught after as samples. ‘September 13’ is funk royalty.

Listen & enjoy here –


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