Track Of The Week #3 – Raphael Saadiq & Q-Tip ‘Get Involved’

This week’s track of the week comes from grammy-winning R&B and Hip-hop producers, Raphael Saadiq & Q-Tip. Described as “R&B’s renaissance man”, Saadiq has worked with the likes of The Roots, Mary-Jane Blige, D’angelo, Angie Stone and many more. His CV speaks for itself as it is hard to find an artist from 90’s hip-hop & soul that he hasn’t collaborated with. Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest needs no introduction, his unprecedented contribution to hip-hop and black American music over the years has lead to him being hailed as one of the most talented and influential artists to ever the grace the genre. Tip & Saadiq’s paths have crossed many times in such musical collectives as The Ummah, a production group consisting of J-Dilla, Tribe, D’Angelo and Saadiq himself. Not to mention the countless albums and singles the two collaborated on over the years.


The track ‘Get Involved’ was in-fact one of duo’s earlier collaborations and involved the pair doubling up on the song’s vocals as well as the production. It was released in 1999 and sampled the 1973 song ‘I Will Always Love My Mama’ by The Intruders. Perhaps more well known, the song was in-fact from the soundtrack of the hit American show, The PJ’s. The PJ’s was a stop-motion comedy show created and voiced by Eddie Murphy which focused on life in the housing projects of Chicago in the 90s. The show received a barrage of praise as well as criticism throughout its three year stint. One thing however that could not be criticised was its soundtrack. Produced and composed by Funk-god, George Clinton, and QD3, the son of American music pioneer, Quincy Jones, the soundtrack fails to disappoint. Q-tip and Saadiq’s cameo is not the only inclusion of big names. The album features many superstars of Hip-hop and R&B such as Snoop Dogg, Earth Wind & fire, Reakwon and Destiny’s Child.

Both Q-Tip and Saadiq are still to this day, creating and experimenting with new music. Raphael Saadiq has had a busy year composing and producing music for popular television series such as Netflix’s Luke Cage and HBO’s Insecure. Together, Q-tip, Jairobi, Ali Shaheed Muhammed and the late Phife-Dog, joined forces one last time to release A Tribe called quest’s first album in over 18 years. The music is going as strongly as it always has with Saadiq and Tip and ‘Get Involved’ proves it.

Listen & enjoy here –



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