Track Of The Week #2 – Children of Zeus ‘Push Push On’

The second instalment of track of the week features soul-infused Manchester hip-hop duo, Children of Zeus. The group consists of acclaimed Mancunian MC’s and vocalists, Tyler Daly and Konny Kon. Between them, the pair have been involved and collaborated with a variety of respected artists such as drum and bass legend DRS, and hip-hop group Broke’N’English. Together, the duo are producing some of the most exciting and unique music coming out of the UK right now and should be taken seriously.


Described by themselves as “low-fi soul music”, the group’s sound consistently delivers the goods and never disappoints. ‘Push Push On’ is no exception. The track was released in 2014 and the is the perfect song for every occasion. The combination of Daly’s vocals and Kon’s lyrics, accompanied by the melting pot of soulful beats is the reason why Children Of Zeus stand out from the rest. With their popularity growing, it seems that the smooth-sounding duo are destined for big things. Over the past two years the group have played around the country  and recently performed with Boiler Room back in October. Not to forget the release of their debut singles,’Still Standing’ and ‘No Strings Attached’, that are now available to buy on First World Records as of April this year. Children of Zeus are one to keep an eye on and expect big things.

Listen & enjoy here –


Listen to the Boiler Room –



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