Football | Manchester is the Best – Take it from Zlatan

After scoring a powerful brace at the weekend, the decorated Swede has his say on his new home, Manchester. The star-studded striker has played for top teams all over Europe in some of the world’s most desirable cities but insists that Manchester eclipses them all.


In a recent interview with United, Ibrahimovic expressed how much he is enjoying life in Manchester, on and off the pitch. He then went on to say how he has “Everything he needs” and how Manchester is “The best city so far. I come from Sweden, I don’t have big expectations when it comes to outside football”. For all Mancunians, red or blue, this is a big statement considering as the striker has lived in cities such as Milan, Barcelona and Paris. “I heard a lot of things that the city (Manchester) is this, the city is that, the weather is like this and the weather is like that but, so far, everything is good”. Who knows, with such a big name in world football heaping praise on the the city, you never know who it could attract.

The thirty-five year old striker has come under scrutiny of late as he experienced his greatest goal “drought” for over a decade. Ibrahimovic, optimistic as always, insisted that nothing could faze him and he remains perfectly happy. In fact, Mourinho openly praised Ibrahimovic after the United’s 1-2 defeat to Fenerbaçhe mid-week. Post match he stated that “He’s being fantastic and his attitude is always brilliant”.  And there were no signs of that attitude slipping up as on Sunday he scored to end his six goal drought and  score his 400th club career goal. This was not the only record broken on Sunday however, his first goal in fact marked the 25,000th goal to be scored in the premier league. Upon hearing this in the post match interview, he simply replied in typical Zlatan fashion “I thought it was only me who had scored 25,000!”

Although Ibrahimovic will miss the Arsenal clash after the international break due to suspension, the forward insists that he will do more and that there is certainly a lot more to come from United. The striker made it clear to United that the English game takes time to adapt to, but as always, he remains optimistic. “When you play a game here, there is no team controlling it, it’s back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. That’s the way the game is, you have to get used to it. With my performance, I am happy. I know i can do more and i know the team can do more.”

Sam Creedon.


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